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Feel free to call us data obsessed

We see data everywhere, and we see endless opportunities for how data can benefit personal health through innovative health services.

Our mission is ambitious

We aim to increase well-being of individuals and give them a better life.

Sounds far-reaching? To us, its common sense.

As digital citizens, we already create a lot of data on an everyday basis using our phones, smart watches, and health care devices. But today these data benefit no one. We want to change that.

Therefore, we set out to establish the digital tools that makes it possible to innovate health care services by bringing data of the individual into play. Thereby, we bring benefits of health to the person as well as improving impact of the service providers.


Dedicated data enthusiasts

We are a team of dedicated data enthusiasts connecting the digital dots that makes it possible to connect personal data from mobiles, smarts watches and devices, with public or private health care services. This way we can facilitate health care services tailored to the specific need of every individual.

The platform

We do this by developing a platform that allows health care organizations to offer unique healthcare & wellbeing services that enhance quality of life turning their patients and customers into active health users.

Together with leading actors within public health care and private health care organizations, we make it possible for the individual to share a specific set of personal data.

This might sound like a future vision of health care services but it’s reality. Check out some of our current cases below to see how we increase well-being and takes care of data. is designed for a digital everyday life where data privacy is taken care of while data is put to work. This is the foundation of our platform. We enable human centric meaningful services that makes a difference. So together we can create an increased quality of life for users.



In every activity, we perform at, we think Privacy. To us, privacy means applying the preferences that you set - as well as keeping within regulations. Our services will strictly apply this while keeping data in a safe location. For our customers, this means de-risking handling personal data while increasing the value of their services with personal data.

The mentor project

The mentor project is the first project in the Danish public sector where the patient's own data is used to tailor the treatment. It is conducted in a consortium with Aalborg University Hospital, Lifeguard and

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