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In our life, we make decisions every hour – every minute. Perhaps some of the most important decisions are the ones we decide not to make. Or decide to postpone because of a lack of time, insight, or motivation. Our services help you qualify such decisions based on your values and preferences supported by your digital life – your data. Our services will support you in making healthy decisions about:

Food & Nutrition

Exercise & Physical fitness

Restitution & Wellbeing

We do this by tying your physical life with your digital image

We do this by tying your physical life with your digital image while preserving privacy. Evidently, our services will also have you at the steering wheel. As we say: You decide what is meaningful.

All our services are created with you at the center and assessed through the lens of:

Safe &

Convenient for me

Rewarding & Relevant to me

Valuable to me & Giving back to Society

That is why our name is Because every individual is unique and acts on their own behalf in a bigger context of peers.



There is a health perspective in every aspect of everyday life. In modern life, often we are faced with situations where our health is “put second” – at work, caring for our loved ones. Sometimes this results in “bad habits”, i.e. action patterns which impact our health and well-being in a negative direction. Changing habits requires at least awareness and insights brought to us in the context of our everyday life. Our services strive to do exactly that; bring insights when you need them – insights highly relevant because they are based on your data.


We are all consumers and cooks. Tired of not being able to get an answer to the simple question: "What do you want to eat tonight?" We also know that answering that question is fundamental to our well-being. So what we want is an ad-free service that provides nutrition insights and inspiration.



We all carry wearables – smartphones, smartwatches/sports watches, hearing aids, etc. Our solution, allows carrying your health data into any interaction with healthcare professionals, while also becoming more away of your exercise habits – better as well as worse.

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