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Our story

We are a team of specialists with deep technical understanding, and the idea for arose when we linked our knowledge of technology with the desire to make a difference for the individual user. That is, the amount of data is increasing, and users, organizations and suppliers are constantly collecting data, but all insight and knowledge that comes from data only creates value when it is translated into initiatives that make a tangible difference to the user. 


We would like to use digitization to create an integrated and unique user experience. Imagine if, in addition to selling contact lenses and glasses, the optician could actively apply the biannual vision tests by allowing data to follow the user. This allows the user to easily make all his or her vision data available to, for example, a research project that researches the exact eye disorder that the user is hereditary predisposed to. This will improve processing for the user, benefit the research project and give the user a preference for the exact optician who lets the data follow the user. Competitive advantage is about exactly that; the ability to give users some benefits that are unique. 

As entrepreneurs of the decentralized data economy, we apply our digital experience from the IT industry, to direct the value of your digital life to you. We want the primary benefit of personal data to go to the person – and let that person decide how data is used beyond that. That also implies donating data for the common good; research.


Vision is an independent actor in the emerging eco-system enriching our individual and social digital life with personal data. Our mission is to provide human-centric and meaningful services to each of us based on our own data and preferences. This implies we make it possible for organizations to personalize their services in close contact with their clients, patients, or users – a contact based on respect for privacy and transparency.

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