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Outline of meal logger solution and data annotation service

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Thomas Bonefeld Jørgensen
CEO Founder

Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 5217 9499

Whereas CFAS wants to launch a research project involving personalized exercise intervention. want to deliver a solution for participant meal logging and nutrition data output aligned with FRIDA database.

Project outline (see Illustration 1 below) for meal logging:

- 200 participants logging meals during 5 Blocks in a 5 month period.

- Logging is asked for all meals during 4-5 days in each block.

- Logging during 6 month Clinical Trial: 10-15 days.

- Meal data includes participant unique identifier, 4-5 context data points, dish/
   mail, ingredients, and portion size (assumes DTU Food license to operate for

- Participants can save meals as favorites and re-use for later logging. Deliverables for WP1 (see Illustration 2 below for Timeline):

- Project specific mobile app (Android & iOS) with MitID access supporting outline

- 2,5 years on-going outcome data transfer to CFAS Server facilities: SFTP transfer
   model assumed.

- Outcome data includes annotation and mapping to FRIDA database, enriched
   and maintained by Annotations will be noted in data-set.


Estimate Timeline:

- Establishment of app and data transfer setup: 3-5 months

- 30 month operation and outcome data (FRIDA mapped and annotated)



- will allocate competent resources in domains:

- Nutrition insights & related data,

- Research data capture, and

- Digital/App User experience.




Optional: Dietary Quality Score (DTU) from grocery shopping and/or WHO index from smart phone.

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